Sponsoring a Child or Family


Most importantly: no matter what, all of the kids are going to get presents! You needn't worry that "unsponsored" children will go without. Sponsoring a child just means that instead of giving us a general gift that we'd then match with a kid, you're planning to get presents for that specific child. This helps us know that all of their wishes are taken care of, and allows us to focus more on the rest of the kids on our list.

As our wishlists are posted, you'll be able to see each child's age, favorite color(s), hobbies/interests, and top three wishes. Each child will have a unique ID number in the form of XX-#/# that will be used to track them throughout our program. If there is a child whose wishes you'd like to fulfill, note their ID number and use that in the form at the bottom of the wishlist page to select them. Your name will then appear next to their ID# in the list and they will no longer be available for sponsorship.

We do not necessarily expect you to get all of the gifts the child you've selected has requested. Just like any other child writing to Santa, sometimes ours dream big. Creativity may be needed to come up with other options that will also delight. Generally gifts average $50-100/child, depending on ages, interests, and requests.

When you're ready, you may turn in the gifts unwrapped and labeled with the ID# to any of our drop-boxes or at our Workshop! We ask to receive them unwrapped so we can make sure we don't duplicate anything and that sibling groups as well as any families living doubled-up together receive roughly "balanced" gifts. We also like to send books, blankets, other little things that get donated out along with your presents, so you do not have to worry about "stocking stuffer"-type gifts unless you want to! And, if you bring them to the Workshop, then once we have your presents all checked in, you're welcome to wrap them! Or we do also have plenty of volunteers who love the wrapping stage, so no worries if it's not for you.

Finally, our Santas make the deliveries to the families. For confidentiality reasons we can't send you directly to the family on your own, but if you want to be a Santa too we'd love to have you!

Sponsoring Families : The same process as sponsoring individual kids! :) The family code is the "XX" part highlighted in the yellow bars. Just as with individual child sponsorships, we'd like to receive the gifts unwrapped.

Thank you for your interest and time in reading this! If you have any other questions, just ask.

DUE DATES: For families who have requested EARLY deliveries as noted in the second column, we would like to receive their presents by Friday, December 8, 2023. Gifts for families needing "regular" deliveries should be turned in by Monday, December 18, 2023.